CYCLE de vie Servicing


In order to keep your bike running at its absolute best, we recommend a regular maintenance schedule. At Cycle de Vie we have the expertise, training and equipment to take care of all your service needs.


Your service needs may vary from the recommended intervals based upon bike and your usage. If you are unsure what service package is best for your bike, your Service Technician will be happy to consult with you.


To keep your bike performing at its highest level, we recommend having it serviced regularly by a professional mechanic.  Cycle De Vie has the expertise, training and equipment to take care of all of your service needs.

Your bike should never hold you back


Every bike purchased from Cycle de Vie receives free basic servicing for as long as you own it.  At Cycle de Vie we want you to ride safe and get the most out of your bike with the minimum expense.


  • Brake adjustment
  • Gear adjustment
  • Bearing system adjustment
  • Lube cables, chain and derailleurs
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Safety inspection


CycleSafe Package PLUS

  • True wheels laterally
  • Drivetrain detailing: remove, clean and reinstall
  • Cassette
  • Chain
  • Crank-set
  • Front Derailleur
  • Rear Derailleur


Preventative package PLUS

  • Detailed clean of frame and fork
  • Rebuild major bearing systems
  • Front and rear hubs
  • Headset
  • Bottom bracket
  • Replace bar tape or grips


 Upgrade options available with any service package

  • Bike wash and lube.     $50

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